Jaime Romero

I have dedicated my life to the development of the arts. For many years, I have explored the wonderful world of photography as a semiprofessional photographer and now have ventured into the professional field.

Since digital cameras have been created, people have been given the false impression that they can take countless number of pictures just because they can be easily erased. However, I believe every photograph should be composed as a work of art before snapping the shot.

Every time I take a photograph, I work hard to make sure I capture that perfect picture in advance by composing it in my mind. When I use the word compose, I truly understand the meaning of it. Over the last 30 years I have been awarded nine (9) times as a music composer at a national level competitions.

Additionally to my passion for photography and music, I am a Chemical Engineer who has dedicated a great deal of my life to education. I have a master’s degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Houston as well as licenses to work with kids from K – 8th grade.

Therefore I will develop this work with the same enthusiasm, discipline and excellence as I approach every project in my life.

Jaime Romero.


CONTACT VIA EMAIL ONLY: [email protected]